Kempies helps you build your social web site.

Wikis are about people, the way they organize, the data they own. One of Kempies' key visions: a global, multinational open knowledge database of art and antique objects, built as a semantic wiki. We want experts from insurance, auction houses, museums, law enforcement, and civil society, to come together to document the world's heritage. Art objects, materials, classifications: a semantic web that stores the knowledge of the whole community, open and accessible forever. Interested ? Join us at Kempies.org

We're experts in building wiki-based social web sites for organizations, events, workgroups.

In 2006 we co-founded Wikidot.com and helped it become the world's 3rd largest wiki farm, with over 900,000 registered users, 125,000 wikis, and 40M unique visitors per year. Wikidot.com lets anyone start a social web site or wiki in a few minutes. The Wikidot.com community site handles thousands of requests for help each day, using a mix of forums, guides, and howtos. How to use the power of Wiki to build large self-steering communities.

Our principals are Frank Dekempeneer and Pieter Hintjens.

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